Securitisation News


FNB checkmated in securitisation case

Knock-out blow for Absa in Cape High Court over securitisation accusation

Docufile called to court to answer questions over fire that destroyed thousands of bank documents

Northern Irish courts lead the world in slapping down banks ducking securitisation

California court opens door to wrongful foreclosure suits

Davenport loses securitisation case, plans to bring new evidence to court

Securitisation audits suggest the banks have been, well, less than honest

Who really owns your home loan?

Ostrich farmer from Eastern Cape shows court his mortgage loan is now in Taiwan

Banks slammed for securitisation fraud in US court

Calls grow for class action suits against banks over securitisation

Landmark securitisation case heads for the Constitutional Court

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FNB sells R1,4m property for R10,000 - move along, nothing to look at here

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Busted. Joburg Man Catches Standardbank Out Over Securitisation Denial

MoneyWeb Special Investigation
Who Owns Your Home Loan? MoneyWeb Special Investigation

Who Owns Your Home?
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Researchers make startling allegations of securitisation fraud

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Meet the man who tried to arrest the board of Standard Bank

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How one man's life was ruined after asking uncomfortable questions of FNB

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Absa gets b*tch slapped in Pretoria High Court by women's army

Johannesburg businessman defends himself in court against the bank - and wins

Cape farmer launches R10 million damages suit against liquidators after home invasion

Maybe there is justice after all for liquidated guest lodge

Cape Town couple lay fraud charges against First National Bank over home repossession attempt